Bonafarm Group has been founded to bring together the best true stories of Hungarian food production from production to manufacturing. This is a task full of challenges and we celebrate the birth of each young pig and the germination of each grain of wheat as our joint success because the excellence of our food products is based on attention to detail and loving care.

Crop farming

Each and every process of ours begins on the land. We use state-of-the-art technology and modern sowing seeds to ensure consistently high-quality fodder crops.

Fodder production

We pay special attention to what we feed our animals. We always put together their diet to suit their age, health condition and the season.

Pig breeding

We breed pigs with good genes and excellent fattening qualities. We ensure a smooth transition from sow milk to the fodder that we ourselves produce and mix.

Pig slaughtering and cutting

The raw materials of our products originate from our own slaughtering processes and comply with the strictest animal health requirements, quality assurance and food safety standards.

Our traceability system ensures the identification of all meats from “farm to fork”, by complying with the requirements of our customers and consumers.