Terms of use

Please read this document carefully. By using the website you accept the conditions described below.


I. Content of Terms of Use

1. Terms of Use (Rules and Regulations) contains the rules and regulations for the usage of the information society service (Service, Website or pick.hu) pick.hu (located on the pages of http://pick.hu/) operated by Pick Szeged Zrt. (6725 Szeged, Szabadkai út 18. Company reg. number: 06-10-000065, hereinafter: Service Provider).

2. User refers to any individual visiting the Website or anyone using any service of pick.hu. By accessing any part of the Service the User accepts these Rules and Regulations.

3. The Service Provider has the right to modify the Rules and Regulations at any time. The User’s continued usage of the Website after any changes to these Rules and Regulations will mean the User accepts those changes. All information regarding the Websites and its services together with other documents linked from these Rules and Regulations (e.g. Privacy Policy) are parts of the Rules and Regulations thus are binding for all Users.

4. Services of any third-party website (Facebook.com, Google.com, etc.) related to the Website are regulated by rules and regulations of such websites (as well).


II. Main features and parts of the Service

1. The aim of the Service is to provide information about the Service Provider, products of the Service Provider, and associated events and activities of public interest. Information published on the website is for informational purpose only and is not an offer, it is solely aimed to call public attention.

2. Service Provider reserves the right to change or terminate any part of pick.hu without prior notification at any time, change the appearance, content or functionality of such parts or publish advertisement, presentation of its products or other content on the website.


III. Details of the Service

1. Newsletter
The User may subscribe to the Newsletter to receive online newsletters. Subscription to the Newsletter requires the User to provide his/her name and e-mail address. The Service Provider confirms the fact of subscription by sending an email to the provided e-mail address. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the User gives his/her explicit and voluntary consent to receive direct marketing offers through the provided channels from the Service Provider regarding products and services of its own or its business partners.


2. Web contents
Descriptions of products and services, news of public interest based on the needs of the target audience, more precisely news related to brands and products of the Service Provider (cultural events and other happenings, promotions of programs, videos, etc.) are published on a regular basis on the Website. Such contents contain relevant, actual data and information related to the products and services, and the Service Provider’s aim of publication is to provide a reliable and comprehensive source of information for the Users.


3. Customer service
The Service Provider endeavour to provide high quality service to the User. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Service please contact our customer service through the following channels:

 E-mail: erdeklodes@pickszeged.bonafarm.hu


IV. Possible violations of the Service and the consequences

1. It is prohibited to use any system or solution which aims at, makes it possible or results in any prohibited use of the Service especially specified in these Rules and Regulations or shutting down the servers used for the operation of the Site, or which threatens the operation of the Site.

2. The Service and the content of the Website are protected by regulations protecting copyright. All copyrights and rights protecting the creator of the database belong to the Service Provider and may not be used without prior written consent of the Service Provider with the exception of reading, temporary multiplication for on-screen presentation and saving to hard drive for personal, non-commercial use which are considered appropriate use of the Service.

3. The Service shall only be used in line with the respective laws without the infringement of the rights of any third party or the Service Provider, and in accordance with this Rules and Regulations. In case of the User uses the Service in any matter that violates the Rules and Regulations or any laws, or misuses the Service, the Service Provider has the rights to take any legal measures necessary in order to call to account the User. Such measure can be taken against the User in case of abuse of personal data.


V. Liabilities

1. The Service Provider endeavour to provide the highest quality Service possible, however the Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, fail-safe operation, suitability for the intended purposes, and any direct or indirect damages and legal consequences arising from such absence of the Service – including the software used for operating the Service. The Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for any damages and other consequences resulting from causes out of its control (e.g. technical breakdown or outage, loss of information and/or data).

2. All information provided on this Website is accurate and up to date at the time of publication, however the Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for the actuality, accuracy or completeness of the content of the website, especially in the case of change in its product range; therefore actual products may vary from product presented on the website.

3.In case of any claims or proceedings are brought against the Service Provider by a third party, any authorities or courts in relation to the activities of the User, the User shall take any measures demanded by the Service Provider, and obliged to reimburse any damage, material adverse effect and costs of the Service Provider arising from or in relation to any tortious activities of the User.


4. User takes all responsibility for using the Service. The Service Provider disclaims any responsibility for any damage, infringement and other legal consequences arising from activities of the User.

5. The Website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties. Terms of use of third-party websites are published on such websites. Moreover the Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for links and the content of linked websites and shall not verify such websites.


VI. Scope of Rules and Regulations

The Service Provider reserves the right to terminate the Service without prior notification at any time, in such a case these Rules and Regulations shall cease to have effect.


VII. Data protection

Handling of personal data is governed by the Privacy Policy.


Budapest, September 28, 2015.